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"I believe Canada’s North IS Canada’s future.  Forty percent of Canada is north of 60. Do Canadians in the south really understand northern issues, the riches of the north, or its unique, fragile ecology and centuries of Inuit, Dene and northern First Nations’ traditions?"


"The Senate Special Committee on the Arctic, is mandated to assess and address the complex, interrelated northern issues -- sovereignty, security, climate change, social realities, housing and health, digital infrastructure, education, mining, oil, language, culture and more. 

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In September 2018, we travelled to Kuujuuaq, Iqaluit, Baker Lake, Meadow Bank, Cambridge Bay, Yellowknife, Inuvik and Whitehorse to understand how present realities and future opportunities and needs link so appropriate policies and actions can realize positive futures.

The future must be made by the north, in the north and for the north, and the north must be reachable. Those living north of 60 obviously include the Inuit, and the Dene, Inuk, Cree, Metis and other First nations, as well as non-indigenous people."

"I often feel this is rather like our spice racks or spice cupboards – all neatly organized in separate sealed jars. It is only when we have decided on our recipe that we know their relationships.

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We must fully understand how the present crisis and issues, and future opportunities and needs tie together, so appropriate steps, both in policy and in action, can be taken to realize that future. In all our formal hearings in Ottawa and those in each of the communities we visited, leaders, citizens, and organizations, have given us excellent information and much to consider."

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