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Canadian Lighthouses embrace many aspects of Canadian life including public and marine safety, environmental research, scientific data collection, employment concerns, and issues of Canadian heritage 

Trial Island Lighthouse

On August 26, 2018 Senator Bovey kayaked to the Trial Island Lighthouse.  Built in 1906, Trial Island Lighthouse is operated by the Canadian Coast Guard and is one of the few remaining lighthouses staffed by two full-time lightkeepers.  Their jobs are important and complex, and their eyes on the water have proven to be critical for marine traffic safety, for life saving and emergencies, for tracking and warning of illicit activity and for monitoring large sea mammals.  In 2015 Trial Island Lighthouse was granted heritage status and is Victoria’s landmark lighthouse.

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

On August 25, 2018 Senator Bovey visited the Sheringham Point Lighthouse on Vancouver Island.  Built in 1912, Sheringham Point Lighthouse, like many other lighthouses around our coastal waters, has saved countless lives throughout its history.  Staffed for much of its life, the lighthouse was later automated and now has a single green beacon.  It has provided navigational aid, weather information, solace and safety for mariners and the Coast Guard. The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society was established in 2003 to preserve the lighthouse’s structures and property.  Restoration of the lighthouse structures is nearing completion.  Hundreds of individuals and heritage project supporters from around the Province of British Columbia have donated to the success of this restoration project.

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